Home Equity is the SINGLE greatest source of wealth. Discover how to MAXIMIZE this for the benefit of you and your family!

It doesn't matter if you OWN your home or RENT, we have proven strategies designed to  significantly increase your wealth!

(We have strategies for those thinking of selling, as well as those who currently have no intent to sell.)

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How to Save Over $12,000 (on average*) when selling your home. We've had clients save over $25,000!
How to BUY a home and stop making your landlord rich! (And, it doesn't matter if your credit is challenged or you have no downpayment saved!)
How to invest in real estate as a vehicle to an early retirement, or to pay for kids college! We will teach you how to find, evaluate, and finance the perfect investment property!
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We are Home Equity Consultants with the goal of helping busy, everyday people, like yourself make expert decisions on how to Buy, Sell and Invest in Real Estate the MOST PROFITABLE way! It doesn't matter where you currently live or where you want to move to! 

We are based in Colorado, but can help anyone in North America! 

If you, or anyone you care about, is thinking about making a move, talk with us first! We will provide information that is CRITICAL to making important (and often expensive) decisions about buying or selling property anywhere in the United States. Our clients save over $12k* on average!
Yes, I've been thinking about Buying, Selling or Investing in Real Estate!
Real Estate ownership is a critical component to building long term, generational wealth. We are consultants that teach how to buy, sell and invest in real estate (anywhere in the country.) There are many tricks, tips and pitfalls in the real estate game. Use our 30 years of experience to get on the fast track to building your wealth!
  • Save over 5% in closing costs when selling property.  On a $400,000 property, that is more than $20k extra in your pocket!
  • Buy at the Right Price ALWAYS!  Find out how our clients NEVER worry about overpaying for a property!
  • Investment Analysis.  Learn how to quickly and easily determine if an investment property is right for you. From taxes to vacancy, we show you everything you need to decide.
  • Cash Flow is King.  Discover why cash flow is so important to your overall wealth plan. This piece alone could allow you to retire in 5-10 years!
  • 19 Ways to Increase and Preserve Your Home Equity.  We will show you multiple ways of how to maximize your home equity (or start creating equity if you are currently a renter.)
  • FREE?  Yes, it's totally free. If you like what you see you will have the opportunity to have us help you with your real estate sale, real estate purchase or maxing home equity!
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Maximize Home Equity

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Backpacks 4 Hope helps those experiencing homelessness, children who can't afford school supplies, and those experiencing food insecurity. We started this campaign to give back to those most at risk in our community. We donate both time and money, and would love to have you join us!

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* Average Savings Calculation

Client savings based upon an average home price of $400,000 and 5% commission paid to Real Estate Brokers.

$400k x 5% = $20,000. Our Clients typically pay between $800 and $11,000. And, on average, pay less than $8,000. (Your savings may be more or less, and depends upon many factors including current market, and level of involvement you choose)